Result Cards Generated


Examination Management Application

In order to build and sustain integrity of your institute, you need a fair evaluation and student appraisal system. Our examination software has been designed to make examination process easier and foolproof for you.

Archivist online provides a totally automated way of creating exams and analyzing the results. School administrator or teachers can easily define the exam schedule, and test types- on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Your workload will be greatly reduced by the automatic generation of award Lists, result cards and result sheet.Examination software has proved to be the solution to all your hectic exam planning,scheduling and result generating problems. You can create as many subjects of a class as you like and assign them with the definite marks.You can also grade particular subjects instead of marking them in terms of marks.

The most amazing earmark of examination software is its calculating procedure. Examination Software has also hasped the feature of including previous exams marks to the current exam.Furthermore, Examination Software has made the carry forward marks segregation feasible in a very efficient manner.

Unload Administrative Burden

It eases administrative burden for the school office and teachers by centrally managing information on all aspects of examination.


Accuracy throughout the system to be maintained is of paramount importance. The Examination Management Software is a smart system that ensures high levels of accuracy.


It replaces the bulky filing cabinets and paper archives of school exam administration process. All information stored on electronic format to ensure long lasting backup and easy access to the data.

Remote Access

Teachers can access this system through their mobile devices or laptops to enter student appraisal and marks in  a timely manner.

Carry Forward Exam Marks

Making result card based on previous exams is not an issue any more. Archivist Online gives you easy facility to include marks from previous exams in results cards.

Student Appraisal Marks

Final written exams are not the only evaluation mechanism to test students. Now schools want to include many other marks in final exam marks like Homework, Student Attention in class, book reading etc.

Result cards printing

Its time to relax your teaching staff by making steps towards starte if the art online examination software. Let Archivist online make their tedious result card making work easier.

Student performance analysis

Student performance needs to be analysed through many angles in order to take steps towards improvement. Archivist Online is your best companion to get in depth analysis of your student performance.