SMS sent daily



Communicator module has shortened all the distances between the administration, management, students, teachers and parents. Communicator module generously creates a fast link , thereby dwindling the vast distances. It not only interlinks administration,management and teachers but also keeps parents well informed about their students performance.

Communicator helps you automatically send SMS and Email alert to students, parents, staff and other people about schools notices fee reminders and students performance reports directly to the target people. Using communicator options, its easier now to filter required students and send them a customized message. One a school use this feature can not live without using it on daily bases.

Named SMS

SMS alerts are sent using your school name. No one can send ambiguous messages to parents using your school name.

SMS on Fee Generation

Let parents know when your school has generated fee for their kids.

Fee Reminders

Fee Reminders are sent automatically/easily including amounts mentioned with in sms alert.

Warnings Alerts

Send warning to parents regarding fee defaults.

Birthday alerts

Best wishes from schools are sent automatically on students birthdays.

School notices

Management can easily convey school notices to all students and teachers.

Absent / Leave alerts

Inform parents about their kids absentees and leaves well in time.

Student performance alerts

Send out student performance reports before exams to let parents know how their kids are performing at school.

Misconduct alerts

Misconducts are difficult to convey to parents properly and well in time… well its not the case any more.

Exam and test information alerts

Inform parents about upcoming exams papers and test well in time.

General Quotes

Sending periodical quotes to students and parents keeps your school-parent relationship maintained.

Promotional messages

Send any kind of promotional messages to parents, alumni and any other person.