School’s name and Logo isn’t printing on fee slip.

You need to upload the school logo picture again and refresh the software.

SMS Alerts for Schools

Archivist Team announces release date for new Communicator

Mantic Software believes in delivering feature rich, high quality and cost effective solutions in the market and always strive to deliver market demanding features in its solutions.

Archivist Team announces the release date of new Communicator Application, having latest technology, diversified features, user friendly, multifunctional, and most importantly ,significant cost effective. This most demanding application will be released in the first week of October, 2014 with following features:

  • Named SMS
  • Fee Generation/Reminder SMS
  • School Notices/Warning SMS
  • Absent/Leave Alerts SMS
  • Student Performance Alerts SMS
  • Exams & Tests Information Alerts
  • Promotional SMS

September 3, 2014 -Archivist Product website released

Archivist Online has got its own website now. The detailed website contains all the details for visitors before they can decide to sign up for Archivist online services.

Aug 30, 2014

Named SMS Released for Pakistan

Communicator SMS has got one more great feature. Users can now signup for the facility to send sms using their school names. IT makes their communication secure and labeled. Now schools don’t need to worry about ambiguous sms sent by spammers.