40 Reasons to use Archivist Online

The best school management software

Archivist online is a compact package and multipurpose school management suite that helps to increase efficiency and productivity of educational institutes many fold. It is designed to provide state-of-art web technology so school may have a software solution that provides seamless control and instant availability of required information. Its user friendly interface and simplicity in navigation makes it markedly easy to use. This technology solution is incorporated with comprehensive set of modules and rich features that are aimed at improving operations, streamlining processes and providing you valuable insights.

This premier online school management solution  has been developed in close coordination with premium institutions and domain experts in the education sector and therefore promises a complete web based solution. It automate all the back office operations, enabling educational institutions to focus all their energies on education, teaching and enriching the lives of students.

User friendly interface

Archivist online is designed in a way that it is quite user friendly. Anyone with the basic knowledge in can operate it.Quick links & tabs helps in making each information easily accessible.

Cloud based technology

Archivist Online is a web based technology thereby, eliminating the need of technical maintenance staff or heavy machinery.

Hosted on Worls best servers

Archivist Online has google as its supporting backbone, enabling us to provide you the most reliable and stable product.

Boosted customization

Keeping in minds that different schools have differents systems,Archivist Online is designed in such a way that enables maximum customization

Secure and reliable

Only administrator has been empowered to authorize & un-authorize  users. Passwords are also stored in encrypted formats which is not possible for anyone to decrypt.

Prodigious Support

Archivist Online is always at your disposal to provide solutions to your problems, deliver practical orientation to clarify all your issues and answer your questions.

Broad feature spectrum

Archivist online is a complete suite with diversified set of softwares and each of the software possess a broad spectrum framework.

Cost Effective and affordable

Archivist Online is offering a wide range of packages with unbelievable flexible prices.You can choose the best package that suits your school size and requirements.

Choice of server

Archivist Online works efficiently on all the servers and does not compile its users to switch to our hosted services so, you can use the server of your own choice and avail incredible results.

Training & support

Our highly experienced trainers provide online software training which can also be scheduled to suit your local times.

Multi campus management

Archivist Online brilliantly binds up all your campuses, magnificently managing and interlinking them.

Stretched services

Archivist Online extends its arms to let you fascinate with our hosting, support, customization, integrated features, training session, orientations and smooth implementation of our suite at your end.

For all institutes

Archivist online is offering solution to not only schools but also colleges, universities and all other educational training institutes

Customized reports

Archivist Online enables reports generation in a much customized manner. Filter criteria helps you in attaining the exact report.

Individual logins

Archivist helps you to maintain separate employee logins for teaching staff and other employees. Moreover, providing you an option to give your suggested program access.